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Epoch C30 IQ 5 and IQ 9

The Epoch C30 is hands down the best shorty that they make. This handle brings advanced tech to a classic shape in the best way possible. With all of the handles that Epoch offers up…

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BOSTON (April 10, 2015) – Major League Lacrosse, the premier professional lacrosse league, announced today, multiple partnerships for the upcoming 2015 season, with lacrosse mesh and string providers; A&R, East Coast Dyes, Epoch Lacrosse, String…

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Epoch DragonFly C60xl IQ5 – Review

Big man pole looking to leave a mark? Look no further, as the C60xl is a variant of the perfection I reviewed in the regular Epoch Gen 5 C60 but with 14% more mass and…

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Milk Carton Lacrosse Pocket? | String League Episode 4

Welcome to String League, lacrosse’s biggest stringing competition. Week four is focused on challenging the stringers to use non traditional materials to make the most functional pocket possible. Our fourth week of the finals belongs…

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Epoch DragonFly C60 IQ8 – Review

Probably my favorite shaft in the entire Gen5 line is the C60 IQ8 dpole. This Dragonfly shows off the “Reload Technology” more than any handle in the lineup and really performs perfectly as a dpole….